The most versatile solution to the needs of vending operators seeking for top-temperature control features, impressive variety of products and sturdy engineering.Available with a selection of trays partitions (from 8 up to 32) and a wide array of drum combinations (from 6 up to 15), the Shopper unit allows to store over 450 different products. The uniquely direct shopping method allows the user -by pushing conveniently a button- to choose any of the products on display. Now is possible to have a combination of FIFO and Shopper vend in the same machines.


Eta Beta is a free-standing front-glass merchandiser to ease your coffee-break with solid snacks from one of Italy's most popular front-glass merchandisers. Already a best-seller, despite its recent introduction in 2000, Eta Beta's draws its name from a cartoon character whose underwear would store any sort of possible object. Damian's Eta Beta, in fact, can store virtually any product you wish to sell. With any payment system you wish to use, too.

Piccola is a front-glass merchandiser is the ideal completion for professional table-top coffee machines wishing to add snacks and cold drinks to its range of vended products. It is small, ergonomical and illuminated, in order not to pass un-noticed. A pure Damian in a compact shape, with the possibility of MDB interface (either slave or master). Piccola is available in a special slave version developed for to be connected with Rhea Vendors tabletop machines. In this special (and economic) version there is an unique electronic board installed on the Coffee machines.

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